Society Registration


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Here are some facts about Society Registration:

The Act of Indian Societies Registration was implemented under the British Rule in India in the year 1860.


According to this act:


"Charitable, literary and scientific societies must be properly registered." 

A society can be framed by at least, a minimum of 7 people, who are kindred for any charitable, literary or scientific impetus.

Apart from the 7 or more members, it is required that a memorandum of the objectives is made.


This memorandum shall record the name of the society, its aims, objectives, occupation, and addresses of the governing members of the society. Once this Memorandum is made, it should be approved by the other constituting members of the society.

The Requirements

Request Letter

  • A request letter to register the society under Society Registration Act 1860.

List of Members

  • A list of names stating the members of the governing body and the other constituting members.

Rules & Regulations

Set of rules and regulations framed for the smooth running of the association.


A copy of address proof of all the members, a no objection certificate on Rs 2 stamp sheet

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